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Educator Desk

Product Overview

The Educator Desk is a state of the art teaching and training station. Built with the professional in mind, the Desk boasts generous worktop space whilst adhering to ADA/DDA and equality act compliance with its optional fully height adjustable worktop and wheelchair accessible module. The Educator Desk also caters for any AV/IT technician and integrator with its hinged side doors and worktop, pull out rack and vast rack mountable space available for streamlined integration and ongoing maintenance.

The Educator Desk has a new low-profile look and can be fully customisable with several standard metalwork and worktop finishes. A range of worktop accessories is also available, all discretely hidden with the included secrecy shield.

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Product Features

  • Single 19” 14U x 500mm rack unit with natural convection cooling design
  • Desk Extension Module is ADA/DDA and equality act compliant for wheelchair access
  • Single rack can be positioned either left or right of wheelchair accessible module
  • Optional fully height adjustable worktop
  • Hinged worktop for quick access
  • 360° rack access with hinged doors
  • Pull out rack for pre-installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Improved strength front door
  • Large worktop with room for a variety of worktop peripherals
  • Easy access to rear with removable panel
  • Standard chassis colours: Silver Stainless, Black or White

Technical Details

  • Total rack space available:
    • - 14U 19" x 500mm rack space
    • - 4U vertical mounting in rack sides (fixed height only)
    • - 6U vertical mounting in extension module
  • Lectern heights:
    • - Fixed Height = 815mm
    • - VariHite = 815 - 1085mm
  • Worktop Lengths:
    • - 1600mm x 750mm Cantilever FH & VH
    • - 1800mm x 750mm Cantilever FH
    • - 2000mm x 750mm Desk
  • Worktop Options:
    • - 1600/1800mm Cantilever - MFC with edge banding only
    • - 2000mm Desk - MDF with Edges painted to match
  • Pull out rack system on gliding rails with option to lock in place
  • Fully mobile on jacking castors as standard
  • Hinged side doors and worktop providing 360° access to rack
  • Cable management trays for streamlined integration
  • 8U steel door as standard with 2U blanking strips available


Educator Desk Options:

Educator Cantilever, 1600mm, fixed height

Price: £5,363.00
Educator Cantilever, 1600mm, VariHite kit

Price: £7,779.00
Educator Desk, 2000mm, fixed height

Educator Desk Fixed Height

Price: £6,187.00
Educator Desk, 2000mm, VariHite kit

Educator Desk VH

Price: £8,603.00

Educator Desk Accessories:

Monitor Arm, Double Articulated

Monitor Arm - Double Articulated

Price: £232.00
Control Housing, panel up to 10" long

Control Housing 10inch

Price: £353.00
Visualiser Security Tray

Visualiser Security Tray

Price: £475.00
Pre-drilled worktop to client drawing

Pre Drilled Worktop

Price: £175.00
Custom Worktop Colour and Finishes

Custom colour

Price: £190.00
2U Educator vertical side equipment mount

3U Educator Vertical Side Equipment Shelf

Price: £199.00
Recessed frame with ceramic writing surface

Recessed writing surface

Price: £630.00
TeamMate Cable Retractor

TeamMate Cable Retractor

Price: £851.00
12 Way IEC mains power module

12 Way IEC mains power module

Price: £109.00
Custom chassis and panel colours

Custom Chassis and Panel Colours

Price: £395.00
Vinyl logo

Vinly logo

Price: £175.00
Power Puck, x1 UK Power, Twin Fast USB Charge

Power Puck with Twin USB Fast Charge

Price: £233.00
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