We maximise your space potential

Welcome to Performance Enclosures Limited; creator of the brand TeamMate.

With over 20 years experience in the Audio Visual and Information Technology sector, TeamMate is a Roomware Solution provider of technical furniture for education, corporate and specialist sectors.

We are a team of creative like minded individuals with one goal in mind: Making sure we maximise your space potential.

Our certifications:


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Managment System & ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Our Design Approach

We take a problem and solve it.

Technology has now become a vital necessity in the workplace and not just an afterthought. With our proven AV & IT background, TeamMate has designed a range of Roomware Solutions to cater for this cultural shift. From Lecterns and Screen Stands to Collaborative Tables and Workspace Furniture.

TeamMate also has a unique design capability to create bespoke or specialist furniture requirements for a vast range of spaces and applications.

Our Design Features

Making life simple

How a product looks is only half of the story; how a product functions and if it exceeds expectations is what we aim for. The demand for smart furniture has meant that we must balance essential features with the look and feel of the product. That is why we listen to what our clients want and expect. Our product design features reflect this.

We believe that good design should solve problems; be practical yet harmonize with its surroundings and above all be as simple and as elegant as possible. Our designs have evolved from understanding our customer’s aspirations and translating these into products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but will truly stand the test of time.

Our Reach

TeamMate has a global customer support base

Our aim is for everyone to have access to smart furniture solutions.

We have a global partner network helping to connect you to our specialist Roomware Furniture Solutions – anywhere, anytime.

Our Ethos

At the core of the Teammate brand lie our fundamental values.

To be exceptional: in both the design of our products and with our customer service. To achieve more:  through great communications and efficient work ethics. To lead the field: through innovative design and attention to detail. We constantly strive to be the best and our core of long standing clients speak for themselves.


Where less is more…..

While striving to maintain a balance between environmental concerns and economic realities the TeamMate product design process considers the complete product life cycle, with as much attention to detail going into the end of life upgrade, recycle or disposal of a unit, as we allow for the concept and development of new products. With sustainability built into every part of a TeamMate product process we continue to strive to achieve our goals and are pleased to follow ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management standards.

Your Experiences

We ensure that your journey with us captures your needs and fulfils your expectations.

At TeamMate, we are with you every step of the way; from initial contact and site visit to our bespoke quote tailored to suit your needs. But we don’t stop there – our after sales support is paramount in ensuring you are happy with our solution.

TeamMate brings people, information and technology together in a truly innovative way, by providing the perfect platform for integration of “best of breed” IT and AV communications peripherals in a single powerful mobile or static unit.

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So that’s us, now let us show you what we do.

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