Collaboration Furniture

WorksZone Rectangle

Product Overview

Designed for user comfort, the WorksZone Table is a fixed or height adjustable collaboration table.  With options to sit or stand, this fixed or height adjustable table allows users to work at their preferred heights whilst engaging collectively.

The central TechWell™, is a fully functioning technology hub and has the capacity to accommodate the latest connectivity solutions from leading manufacturers.  TechWell™ allows for complete cable management, with easy access for integration and maintenance with no trailing cables.  A centralised connectivity module CCM is a fixed feature of the TechWell™ that accepts input/output connectivity and power points; this feature is custom designed to suit individual requirements.

Fully mobile, the WorksZone Table can be used in conjunction with wall hung screens, or with the adaptable WorksZone Screen Support. This stylised screen support can be positioned to suit different workspace environments; at either the sides or end of the table providing the most flexible and versatile collaborative resource to date.

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Product Features

  • Free 2D & 3D room layout service
  • 3, 5, 6, 8 & 10 Seat
  • Fixed or height adjustable table solutions
  • Ellipse Worktop Shape
  • TechWell™ XL or Compact TechWell™ compatible
  • Mobile on lockdown castors
  • Secure access to TechWell™ storage compartment
  • Customisable centralised connectivity module (CCM) for custom inputs and modules
  • CCM enables the table top to be removed without the need to disconnect cabling
  • TechWell™ is designed with capacity to house latest wired and wireless collaboration devises from leading manufactures
  • Ideal for collaborative and TEAL (Teaching Enhanced Active Learning) methodologies in adaptive learning spaces
  • Benefit corporate environments as a platform for improving communication through group working and breakout areas

Technical Details

  • WorksZone Rectangle Table Options:
    • - 3 Seat with Compact TechWell™
    • - 6 Seat with Compact TechWell™
    • - 6 Seat with TechWell™ XL
    • - 8 Seat with TechWell™ XL
    • - 10 Seat with TechWell™ XL
  • Compact TechWell™ Specification:
    • - 19" 13U x 180mm deep
    • - Adjustable Shelves for PC
    • - Access to x2 secure hinged doors
  • TechWell™ XL Specification:
    • - 19" 6-9U x 400mm deep rack space
    • - Access to x4 secure hinged door
    • - Access to lower level via 2 hinged security doors.
    • - VariHite compatible
  • Fixed height of table: 770mm
  • Height adjustable range: 770mm - 1060mm
  • Fixed central connectivity module (CCM)
  • Max screen weight: 45kg. Max screen size: 55"
  • Mobile on four lockdown castors.


WorksZone Rectangle Collaboration Table Options:

3 Seat, Fixed, 1600x1000mm Ellipse Shape, Compact TechWell

WorksZone Rectangle 3 Seat

Price: £5,064.00
6 Seat, Fixed, 2000x1200mm Ellipse Shape, Compact TechWell

WorksZone Rectangle 6 Seat Compact

Price: £5,234.00
6 Seat, Fixed 2000x1200mm Ellipse Shape, TechWell XL

WorksZone Rectangle 6 Seat TechWell XL

Price: £5,520.00
8 Seat, Fixed 2400x1200mm Ellipse Shape, TechWell XL

WorksZone Rectangle 8 Seat TechWell XL

Price: £5,823.00
10 Seat, Fixed 3000x1200mm Ellipse Shape, TechWell XL

WorksZone Rectangle 10 Seat TechWell XL

Price: £6,995.00

WorksZone Rectangle Collaboration Table Accessories:

VariHite package for height adjustable worktop

VariHite Package

Price: £1,772.00
WorksZone Screen Support

WorksZone Monitor Mount

Price: £595.00
WorksZone Dual Screen Support

WorksZone Twin Screen Bracket

Price: £729.00
WorksZone Utility Bracket

WorksZone Utility Bracket

Price: £175.00
WorksZone Sound Bar Bracket

WorksZone Sound Bar Shelf

Price: £187.00
Installation Charge (Install worktops and monitor mounts)

Installation Charge

Price: £95.00 per table
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