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Hub 2 Plus

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  • Overview
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The Hub Plus is a secure media cabinet for larger equipment including tower PC’s. With a small footprint and mobile lockable castors, the Hub Plus can be moved into a variety of teaching spaces. Complete with 13U x 500mm of secure rack space, the Hub has plenty of storage and has secure adjustable straps for a compact or tower PC.

Ideal for all multi-media requirements, the contemporary look of the Hub 2 Plus makes sure it blends in with any teaching and learning environment and is the perfect choice for rooms with less budget or with a requirement for additional storage space.

Prices Start at $2,373.00


  • Small compact footprint.
  • 19” 13U x 500mm deep rack.
  • Horizontally mount equipment with 13U x 500mm deep rack space.
  • Ideal for medium to large teaching and learning spaces.
  • Standard x2 14U doors with options for front facing PC.
  • Efficient natural convection cooling system.
  • x2 storage shelves.
  • Adjustable straps to secure PC.
  • Blanking plate kit for PC apertures.



Technical Specification

Technical Specifications for the Hub 2 Plus:

  • Worktop size 1200mm x 700mm (standard)
  • 19" 13U rack horizontal rack mountable space
  • Additional 6U vertical rack mountable space
  • x2 standard 14U doors with options for front facing PC
  • x2 storage shelves
  • Adjustable straps to secure PC in place
  • Blanking kit for PC apertures
  • Optional rack height extension module



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Hub 2 Plus options

  • Hub 2 Plus $2,373.00

Additional cost option:

  • Rack height extension module $413.00


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Colour Options

Chassis colour options:
  • White


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Shipping Information

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