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Educator Twin Lectern

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  • Overview
  • Technical Specification
  • Pricing & Options


A twin rack podium solution for when additional rack space is required Built around two standard 19”x 14U racks to offer a total rack space of 28U and a range of table top sizes the Educator Twin rack with the ConX feature allows you to create the lectern you want, to suit your individual needs. Educator racks have been designed with a natural convection cooling feature so that no forced ventilation is required and carries the ConX feature which enables racks to be easily linked. These racks are customisable with colour options for the chassis frame, stainless steel side panels and table tops that can mix and match and a choice of door finish of stainless steel or acrylic. The Educator Twin is also designed to accept the VariHite feature option.  This package enables the worktop alone to be height adjusted within a range of 270mm.  The combination of height adjustable work top with cable management tray and ample rack space provides a presenting lectern that is not only safe and stable, but spacious and suitable for all individuals. As a future proof both the ConX and VariHite features can be utilized to upgrade or change a solution at any time.


  • Customizable teaching platform.
  • Twin 19” 14U x 500mm rack unit with 28U of rack space and a natural convection cooling design.
  • 19” rack guides for simple integration.
  • Extensive corporate branding and graphical wrap options.
  • Chassis metalwork powder coat finish of Silver, Black, White and Custom.
  • Stainless steel side panel colour options of brushed, Black, White and Custom.
  • Easy access to rear with removable panel: keyed alike.
  • Castors for mobility can be locked down once in place.
  • Range of worktop sizes: 1500mm,1800mm and custom
  • Worktop colour options: Stardust, Black, White, Red or Wood finish.
  • Custom VariHite package.
  • Shield suitable for branding.
  • Cable management tray under worktop.
  • Change or upgrade easily.

Prices Start at $5,941.60


Technical Specification

Model code: EDSERIES2

  • Twin 14U x 500mm 19” rack enclosures (28U rack space) with natural convection cooling design
  • 19” rack guides
  • 8U and 14U stainless steel or acrylic door with suited key
  • Quick release rear access cover with suited key
  • 360⁰ access with removable side covers and tamperproof fixing
  • 8 lockdown castors
  • Chassis finish: Silver, Black or White
  • Stainless steel side panel finish: Brushed, Black, White or Custom
  • Work top lengths 1500mm & 1800mm
  • Work top finish: Stardust (pattern) Black, White, Red, Blue & Wood
  • Optional VariHite package for height adjustable worktop with cable management tray and shield
  • Partially assembled

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Educator: Twin  options include;

  • Educator Twin racks $4,963.00
  • 1500mm worktop $833.00
  • 1800mm worktop  $1,163.40
  • 2000mm worktop $1,253.00
  • Pre drilled table top layout to client approved drawing $196.00
  • Custom Worktop $133.00
  • VariHite package $2,305.80
  • Educator door assembly (for add-on rack) $456.40
  • Secrecy Shield (Fixed height)  $254.80
  • Vinyl Logo $229.60
  • Custom chassis paint finish $434.00
  • Custom Worktop finish $138.60
  • Ergo monitor support arm (double articulated) $289.80
  • Heavy duty monitor arm (double articulated) $350.00
  • Secure housing up to 200mm (8in) long  $330.40
  • Secure housing up to 250mm (10in) long  $434.00
  • Secure housing up to 300mm (12in) long $581.00
  • Visualizer security tray  $404.60
  • Vision Hoop for WolfVision VZ-C6  $728.00

For further options please refer to the full price list.

Contact us for the current pricelist

Colour Options

Please enquire about custom colour costs and options

Worktop colour options:
  • Stardust F1782
  • Polar White F2255 MIC
  • Dimond Black F2253 MIC
  • Tropical Blue F2828 MIC
  • Carnaval K1238 MIC
Chassis colour options:
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
Chassis panel colour options:
  • Black Stainless
  • White Stainless
  • Brushed Stainless


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Shipping Information

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