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Nottingham Trent University

Published: August 11, 2016

Nottingham Trent University over the last 7 years have installed a variety of TeamMate’s Premium range of Lecterns, Podiums and Teaching Desks into new and existing teaching spaces across its campuses. More recently Nottingham Trent have installed a selection of Trainer Pro, Podium Dual, Podium DDA and bespoke laptop, secure and charge Podiums into its Clifton campus for both the new Pavilion and Teaching and Learning building.

The bespoke Podiums have an inbuilt laptop charging facility with the ability to store laptops securely, whilst maintaining the aesthetic look and feel of a TeamMate Premium range product. These units comprised of twin Podium Duals (charging up to 30 laptops) and a Podium Triple (charging up to 45 laptops) with laptop charge and storage.

The university have invested £350 million across its three campuses since 2003, creating an inspiring learning environment for students and academics. It also is one of the most sustainable universities in the world, having been awarded Green Flags for both the Brackenhurst and Clifton campuses. TeamMate products are therefore ideally suited for Nottingham Trent University with our 10-year warranty, keeping within sustainability of the buildings.

Stuart Loughran, Audio Visual Team Leader at Nottingham Trent University commented: “It’s been great dealing with TeamMate over the past 7 years.  The service is wonderful and the design team pay a great deal of attention to detail. We understand that a good relationship with TeamMate is important to the development of new furniture and because of this, we’ve seen some brilliant new products added to their portfolio that have been borne out of some questions about laptop storage within a Lectern that is on a keypad lock, bespoke laptop storage and other ideas.  The first comment from TeamMate is normally a very positive ‘Let’s see what we can do’ and then we’ll usually get a design after a brief conversation with their designers.  The whole company think about their customer requirements a great deal and that’s why they are our lectern manufacturer of choice.”

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