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Evolve Wayfinder – University of Nottingham

The Brief

During the first half of 2023, the University of Nottingham, Faculty of Engineering department, were evaluating options for digital signage and wayfinding solutions for use during open days as well as general term time signage requirements.

One key feature that Nottingham required was for the wayfinder to be mobile so that they could manoeuvre them around for events such as open days or if they weren’t getting enough student engagement in certain areas. Previously the faculty had rented displays at great expense, so they were keen to purchase a solution that would be used at every event. In addition to single-sided displays, there also had to be an option to have a dual (back-to-back) wayfinder in case it was deployed centrally in a space.

TeamMate and AV integrator partner GVAV proposed a new design similar to TeamMate’s current Evolve Screen Divider that instead embedded a portrait-mounted screen to act as the primary source for displaying content for open areas for students to see and engage with. The requirement was needed quickly, therefore the initial consultation, design, manufacture and build phase had to be done quickly in time for the summer open days.


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    Product Solution

    TeamMate put forward a new design called the Evolve Wayfinder, which was ultimately accepted by the University. The Evolve Wayfinder utilised a similar design the already popular Evolve Divider, therefore it had many of its features, including fabric removable panels, mobile base and grab handles for portability. The university decided on a Camira Blazer Lite finish called Wish, which was closest to their branding colour.

    The front-facing screen panel of the Evolve was custom-made to fit a 55″ Sony FW-55BZ40 display, which was mounted portrait. Each of these panels uses a button-slot design so can be removed easily and secured with a lock at the top. Internally the micro adjustment of the rails and vesa brackets enabled GVAV capacity to adjust the screen so it was flush with the outer fabric shroud. There is also a storage shelf for small form factor PCs, the department used this to run the Xibo digital signage software they had installed.

    The flexible design of the Evolve Wayfinder proposed for this project enabled it to have the option to work with both single and double-sided displays. The latter was used in one space. Furthermore, the base could also either have mobile lockable castors or a freestanding plate which could be bolted to the floor.


    The end result meant that in total x10 single-sided Wayfinders and x1 dual-sided wayfinders were deployed across the Faculty of Engineering’s buildings. For open days they were utilised in the Engineering Science and Learning Centre (ESLC), whereas in term time they are spread across the engineering buildings of Coates L2, L3 & L4. The portability of the Evolve Wayfinder means that this is the ideal product for moving, the design also enables it to go through doorways and into lifts with ease.

    Maarten De Vogel from GVAV commented, ‘TeamMate were instrumental in the speed of turning around the design concept from the initial brief, they then delivered on time, ready for our engineers to begin work to integrate. Feedback from our engineers is that the Evolve Wayfinder was very straightforward to access via the removable panels and even had storage and excellent cable management to service our and the client’s needs. Speaking to the University, they love them and the client constantly gets asked if he can move them around to accommodate other events.’

    Client Testimonial

    We are really pleased with how the Evolve Wayfinder’s look and the size and movability

    So far we are really pleased with how the Evolve Wayfinder’s look and the size and movability of them to be able to be placed anywhere we require or use for open days. The new software we have installed on the screen displays have helped significantly with the recent University of Nottingham Open days. This has allowed us to present what our Faculty can do best and achieve. The displays allow users who are visiting to get an insight to what the university of Nottingham entails and prospects for the engineering department.

    These displays have saved significant cost due to previous years of having to rent out display screens every open day.

    Callum Durrant, Infrastructure Project Support
    University of Nottingham

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