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Design Features

How a product looks is only half of the story; how a product functions and if it exceeds expectations is what we aim for. That is why we listen to what our clients want and expect. Our product features reflect this.

  • ConX is a feature that utilises the modularity of the Fundamental Educator range of TeamMate products.

    ConX revolutionises the functionality of lecterns through the ability to create bespoke products that can easily link together and a range of table top sizes that can be positioned either centrally or cantilevered to suit individual requirements.

    The extensive logo and branding options combined with the vast range of chassis and worktop colours available provide a blank canvas that allows you to create the lectern you want to suit your individual requirements. With the optional addition of a VariHite height adjustable package built into any of our Educator chassis and the ability to upgrade and change the design whenever you like, there is a solution to every requirement; ConX and create.

  • Height adjustability is becoming an essential in today's modern teaching space.

    The VariHite feature option embedded into TeamMate products incorporates a lift and lower mechanism with clever cable management, ensuring a safe and stable working surface at the height to which you want to operate from.

    VariHite is well established in all of our products ranges; from Collaboration Furniture to Premium and Fundamental Lecterns, Podiums and Teaching Desks.

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