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Solus Virtual

Product Overview

Solus is a standalone lectern ideal for presenting or hosting virtual classrooms and meetings. Solus Premium incorporates a screen that is fixed beneath a work surface enabling it to be perfect for delivery presentation and reading the screen without blocking the view of the audience.

The sleek design of Solus allows for it to be suitable for both corporate and education settings. Virtual meetings and classrooms, in particular, allow for the lecturer to come and go with ease whilst hosting a session.

Solus has the option for an inbuilt vertical rack enclosure, pull-out keyboard tray, and a shelf for control housing and laptop stowage.

Product Features

  • Mobile with lockable castors
  • Glass worktop is as an option with provision to house sunken monitor
  • Secondary shelf for laptop and control panel options
  • Keyboard and mouse shelf
  • Standard design in white powdercoat paint. Custom colours available.
  • Optional Vertical rack mounting enclosure

Technical Details

  • Fixed height of 1080mm
  • Solus Worktop options:
    • - Solus Standard: Wood with Formica Laminate 840x595mm
    • - Solus Premium: Glass 840x595mm
  • Lock-down castors
  • Screen enclosure for Solus Premium is W555, D375, H67.50mm
  • Optional Rack enclosure is W336, D375, H410mm



Solus Lectern

Solus Standard

Price: £2,595.00
Solus Virtual

Solus Premium

Price: £3,995.00

Solus Options:

Rack module

Solus Rack

Price: £695.00
Keyboard shelf

Solus Keyboard Shelf

Price: £295.00
Pre-drilled worktop

Price: £140.00
Control Housing

TeamMate Control Housings

Price: £316.00
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