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Can I put a logo or Brand a TeamMate product ?

Yes you can. Many TeamMate products have flat or curved surface for the application of brand logos, this can be done by yourself or at time of ordering for the factory to complete on your behalf. There will be a small charge for the factory branding option.

TeamMate do not provide illuminated branding as this is difficult to update if there is a brand redesign within an organisation, which can be costly to update. We also prefer not to use additional power to drive the display. Please contact us to discuss your branding requirement and we would be happy to provide you with a simulated computer render of how it may look on your chosen TeamMate product.

If I have a problem with my product, who do I contact ?

You can contact your supplier, who may have have a solution to your problem. Alternatively you can contact us direct as the manufacturer and we assist you with your issue. The problem may be resolved over the phone or email. The problem can be escalated directly with us and may involve the supplier if appropriate. TeamMate are committed to ensuring that your problem is resolved in a timely way and that you are happy with your purchase.

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